Featured Alumni Projects


Ally Jaye Reeves // Airtable

Ally’s story is a remarkable and inspiring one that reminds us that one project can kickstart your career. This is what can happen when you’re talented, hard working, and you are generating clever visual content when that content isn’t necessarily coming to you.

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Christy Lundy // Earthrise

Christy Lundy transports us back to 1968 with her beautifully illustrated children’s book (written by James Gladstone) about the Apollo 8’s mission to the moon. Christy talks about process, collaboration, and her overall experience working on her first children’s book.

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Dave Murray // Canada Post

Although it only offers a very small space for illustration, the postage stamp is still a dream job for most illustrators. A bee, similarly enough, is a very small creature that plays a big role in our environment — something that we need to recognize and protect. Dave talks about how these two things came together in this exciting project.

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