The Bachelor of Illustration program at Sheridan is celebrating 50 years of award-winning graduates in 2017. We are proud of the program's legacy in launching so many careers like alumna Brenda Clark (creator of Franklin the Turtle) and Order of Canada recipient and 2012 grad Sabrina Smelko, who can be seen on the HGTV network co-hosting Save My Reno. The graduating class of 2017 continues the programs award-winning run with recognition in both the Society of Illustrators NY and the American Illustration Annual 36 competitions.

Sheridan is proud to be the destination of choice for many of the best and brightest students from across Canada and internationally who seek to become the next generation of illustrators. The Bachelor of Illustration program is known for the excellence of its graduates. Their success rate is very high as our grads are independent, innovative entrepreneurs who practice in a diverse range of areas; from editorial, games, motion and information design to cutting edge creative communications. We set ourselves apart by giving students a thorough grounding in the illustration discipline and creative freedom to become leaders in their field.

The Bachelor of Illustration program boasts award-winning faculty and alumni, strategic industry partners, and a profile that reaches across North America, Europe and Asia.